Brainy Squad partners with ESLSCA University to foster entrepreneurship in Egypt through Ex3 Incubator Program

Cairo — April 15th, 2024

Brainy Squad L.L.C. takes a significant leap forward in nurturing entrepreneurship in Egypt with the announcement of its partnership with ESLSCA University. This collaboration signifies the amalgamation of Brainy Squad’s expertise with the forward-thinking initiatives of ESLSCA University, dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs enrolled in the Ex3 Incubator Program.

The partnership between Brainy Squad and ESLSCA University is set to provide comprehensive support to startups within the Ex3 Incubator Program. This support includes mentorship, business consulting, branding services, and opportunities for practical learning experiences such as internships.

As part of the collaboration between Brainy Squad and ESLSCA University, several initiatives are planned to support startups within the Ex3 Incubator Program. These include speed mentorship sessions, providing quick guidance and advice to budding entrepreneurs, as well as specialized business consulting sessions designed to tackle the specific challenges and opportunities encountered by startups. Additionally, the partnership will involve the development of visual identities for graduating startups, elevating their brand visibility and recognition. Furthermore, three-month internships will be offered to three exceptional students enrolled in the program, offering them valuable real-world experience to enhance their entrepreneurial journey.

“We are thrilled to embark on this dynamic entrepreneurial journey with ESLSCA University,” said Fady Salah, Founder & CEO at Brainy Squad. “This partnership represents our shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs and fostering innovation in the region.”

Through this collaboration, Brainy Squad and ESLSCA University aim to create a supportive ecosystem that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.